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Cabertel for Seattle VoIP Service

Cabertel is proud to call Seattle home and offers competitively priced phone service to businesses throughout the Greater Seattle area. We truly care about your business and will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied and getting the most from our state of the art phone system.

Although Cabertel supports businesses throughout the nation, the advantage for Seattle businesses is that we are local and can make on-site calls to assist with installation and any training needs.

All of our local customers tell us how delighted they are with their phone service and the support they get from our team. Each customer has a dedicated account manager unlike the "big guys" that make you go through multiple branches of an auto attendant to finally talk to someone who can help you. We will always take the personal touch when it comes to communicating with our customers.

Why Choose a Seattle VoIP Provider?

There are thousands of VoIP companies out there looking for your business. That being the case, why should you consider Cabertel for your phone needs? Well there are plenty of reasons, for example:

Stimulate the Seattle economy

Keeping business in Seattle helps grow our local economy.

Local jobs

The majority of our team lives and works in the Seattle metropolitan area. Our growth helps grow the local job market.

Giving back

We offer significant discounts to non-profit organizations. It's our way of giving back to local charities.

Local taxation

Keeping taxes within our state means we are supporting all of the important elements a community needs, such as schools and emergency services.

Personal service

We look at our customers as partnerships so we are in the game of building relationships and care about your business. You will have a dedicated account manager to call for all of your needs. If you need something changed in your account, such as a new ring group or auto attendant we can do it for you!

Face to face

We often help our customers with installation to ensure everything runs smoothly. You will never be left on your own. This also allows you to focus on your business.

Cabertel's focus is on small and medium sized businesses in the Seattle area. We understand your challenges and aim to make your business as productive as possible when it comes to your communication needs.

What Makes Cabertel a Good Choice?

The following are just some highlights of why we think Cabertel is a great option as your local Seattle VoIP provider:

  • We are local, yes I know, we've mentioned that a few times but it is important!
  • Multiple levels of redundancy to keep our system reliable.
  • Cloud based service with multiple geographically dispersed servers.
  • Cell phone only options. Use our app on your personal smart phone which uses your business Caller ID, not your personal caller ID. Great for small businesses looking to make themselves appear larger than they are, includes auto-attendant feature and more.
  • Rich feature set. We don't nickel and dime you, nearly all features are built-in to the price of your plan.
  • A local dedicated account manager for any support needs.

Seattle 206 Area Code Phone Numbers

Cabertel can port your existing Seattle phone numbers over to our service or provide you with new local numbers, or even toll-free.

The Seattle area code is 206 which is used in the city itself but also neighboring areas such as Bainbridge Island, Burien, Des Moines, Shoreline, Mercer Island, SeaTac, Lake Forest Park, Normandy Park, Vashon and Woodway.

It is worth noting that the three digits after the area code signify the actual City. This tends not to be important to people these days, and it is typically just the area code that customers look for. We currently have hundreds of 206 area code numbers available in stock, such as the following:

  • (206) 209 xxxx
  • (206) 299 xxxx
  • (206) 432 xxxx
  • (206) 462 xxxx
  • (206) 775 xxxx
  • (206) 876 xxxx
  • (206) 939 xxxx
  • (206) 946 xxxx

Inventory changes frequently so give us a call and we can help get you a number that is easy to remember or assist you in porting your 206 number over from another telephone provider.

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