Cabertel Phone Service Features

One of the advantages of a hosted VoIP phone system is the abundance of useful features that are typically built into a PBX (Private Branch eXchange). Being a digital based system also helps to introduce features to small businesses to help increase productivity that were never available previously without a large outlay in expensive on-premise hardware.

In this guide we will introduce you to the main features that are included FREE of charge in our main business phone service plans, as well as a few premium features that require a small additional monthly fee.

Features Included with your Service


Callers can leave a voicemail if no one is available to answer the incoming call. You can record your own personal message for your voicemail greeting via your phone. You can access your voicemail in multiple ways including directly from your phone, via voicemail to email, and also through the secure online portal. Also check out our AI Text to Speech for recording professional voicemail greetings

Voicemail To Email:

This feature enables voicemails to be sent to an email of your choice, or multiple emails, as an audio file.


An auto-attendant can be set to answer incoming calls and present the caller with multiple options to select to transfer them to an appropriate department or person. This feature is a great way to manage incoming calls and provides a larger business appearance. Also check out our AI Text to Speech for recording professional greetings.

Call Hold:

Use this feature to put an active call on hold. The caller will not be able to hear you when on hold.


If you need to put a caller on hold during an active call the caller will hear music.

Call Blocking:

The call blocking feature allows you to select numbers or enter numbers that you would like to block. You can easily select from a list of incoming calls inside our secure portal. It can be set to reject, show as busy or you can have it sent directly to a voicemail box.

Call Forwarding Always:

Call forwarding is perfect for when you are out of the office. Any calls coming into your extension will always be forwarded to a number of your choice.

Call Forwarding On Busy:

Need someone to answer a call if you are busy on another call? With this feature any incoming calls that come in when your extension is busy will be forwarded to a number of your choice.

Call Forwarding No Answer:

Another call forwarding option! Any incoming call that is not answered will be forwarded to a number of your choice when enabled.

Call Forwarding Not Registered:

If for some reason your extension is unregistered, any incoming calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice before going to voicemail. This can be useful if you are having issues with your Internet service.

Follow Me:

The FollowMe feature allows you to set other phone numbers to ring when someone calls you. This is very useful if you are in and out of the office and need to receive calls wherever you are.

Do Not Disturb (DND):

Incoming calls will be directed straight to your voicemail and your phone will not ring when this feature is enabled. This feature can be set through the phone or the online portal. Just remember to turn it off when you are done!

Caller ID Name and Number:

When your phone rings you will see the Caller ID number and name of the person calling. We include Caller ID name for no additional charge.

Caller ID Block:

For privacy this feature allows you to block your Caller ID from showing when you call someone. This can be applied on a call by call basis.

Call Waiting:

If you are on an active call and another call comes in to you this feature allows you to see the Caller ID of the caller on your IP phone display. Answering the incoming call will put your original call on hold. You can then manage multiple phone calls from your IP desk phone.

Dial By Name Directory:

When enabled, the Dial by Name Directory feature allows a caller to enter letters (via the number keys on their phone dial pad) for an employees name and get connected to that persons extension.

Call Intercept:

Is someone in your office out to lunch and their desk phone is ringing? You can answer that call for them directly from your own desk phone with this feature. Simply Dial **[Ext] in order to pick up the call. eg if extension 100 is ringing and you would like to pick up the call you would dial **100

Ring/Hunt Groups:

This is a powerful feature and one of the most commonly used. We can set up a Ring Group with multiple extensions to ring when a call comes in or an auto attendant selection is made. They can be set to ring sequentially or simultaneously.

Time Conditions:

Incoming calls can be managed based on Time Conditions. This can be useful if you want your call flow to be different outside of work hours for example.

Secure Online Management Portal:

A secure online management portal is available that you can access to view basic features like call forwarding and call blocking, as well as accessing your voicemails.

3-Way Conference Calling:

On a call but need to include a third person to help answer some questions? Use our 3-way calling feature to conference in a third party.

Keep Your Number:

In most cases we can port your existing business number you have used for many years or set up a new number for you. Number porting typically takes 10 days.

Unattended Call Transfer:

Use this option to simply transfer an active call to another extension or number. This features is sometimes referred to as Blind Transfer.

Attended Call Transfer:

An Attended Transfer allows you to speak to the person you are transferring the call to before finally transferring it. This can be useful if you are not the sure the person is available or if they need to screen their calls!

Call Detail Records:

Call Detail Records (CDRs) provides a list of all the incoming and outgoing calls from your phone service.

Call Parking:

You can "park" an active call, which can then be "unparked" from any extension (phone) to continue the call. This is useful in situations where you want to take the call to a more private area or if you need to move to a different location within your business to continue the call. Further details on how to park a call can be found in our VoIP setup guide.


A great feature for training purposes, a third person can eavesdrop on a call without the person on the other end of the call hearing. They can provide instructions to the employee at your business taking the call.

International Calling:

We can provide International calling options if required. International calling will require additional fees.


When you sign up for service you will provide us with your main business location. We then set up your location for E911 purposes allowing you to dial the emergency services from your desk phones. Please see our terms and conditions for limitations of the E911 service and VoIP.

7 Digit Dialing:

We can set up your area code in our system so that you do not have to dial the area code for local numbers. You will have to dial the area code for all other non-local calls.

Phone To Phone Paging (One Way Audio):

You can use your desk phone extension to page other individual or multiple phone extensions. We often protect this feature with a passcode to prevent any unwanted broadcasting of conversations! This is only a one way audio feature and basically utilizes the speakerphone option on the desk phones to broadcast a message. When paging there is no need for others to pick up the phone, it connects directly to the speaker. If the phone being paged is in an active call then the paging feature will not be permitted. Two way audio is also possible, this is essentially intercom functionality.

Premium Features

Mobile Calling App: ($2.99/user/month)

We have a new Cabertel Smartphone Softphone App available for iOS and Android platforms. This is a great way to stay connected with your business phone service using your cell phone while on the go.

PC Desktop Calling App: ($2.99/user/month)

We have a new Cabertel Desktop/Laptop Windows Softphone App available for the Microsoft Windows platform. This "Softphone" turns your Windows desktop or laptop computer into a phone for making and receiving calls with the use of a headset/speakers/microphone combination.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF): ($2.99/extension/month)

Busy Lamp field (BLF) is a very useful feature for receptionist type users to see the status of other extensions (busy/available) within the business. This helps with transferring calls to the right extensions that are available to take the call.

SMS: (starting from $3.99/number/month)

A great option if you need the ability to send and receive SMS text messages using your main business phone number. Pricing can depend on number of users and overall usage.

Remote Phonebook: ($4.99/month)

This allows you to store a remote phone book on our secure server that all your phones can then access. You can then update your phone book in one place and all your phones get updated with the same phone book. This keeps all the phones automatically synchronized to one master phone book and removes the need to update each phone manually.

Operator Panel: ($4.99/month)

Available in the online portal, this allows you to see the status of all extensions, whether available or busy.

Internet Fax: (starting from $9.99/month)

A great way to retire that old fax machine! With this service you can send and receive faxes over the Internet. Outgoing faxes can be sent either though our secure online portal or by emailing a PDF to a specific email address which will then send it in real time as a fax. All incoming faxes will get emailed to you. Check out our Internet Fax Service page for more information.

Call Recording: ($5.99/extension/month)

With this feature you can start recording a call at any time (on-demand). Once started the call will record until the call is completed or until you stop it. The recorded audio files (MP3) can then be downloaded from the secure online portal. Note that there are federal rules surrounding call recording. Make sure you are up to speed with them before using this feature. You can also set all calls to automatically be recorded per extension.

Toll Free Packages: (starting from $3.99/month)

Toll free numbers allow callers to be able to call your business for free. You, as the business, cover those charges for them. This is not as popular as it once was due to the growth and acceptance of VoIP phone service and reduced calling costs. Check out our Toll Free Packages page for more information.

Additional Phone Numbers ($3.99/number/month)

You may be a 5 person business but want 10 incoming phone numbers. You can have as many phone numbers as you want. We charge a small fee per number per month for the number of phone numbers you have that exceeds the number of users. In the previous example you will get up to 5 numbers included in your monthly fees plus a monthly charge for each of the additional 5 phone numbers.

Voicemail Text Transcription: ($3.99/month/Voicemail box)

Receive a text transcription of your voicemail combined with the voicemail to email feature for a small additional monthly fee. An example use of this feature is when in a meeting and you receive a voicemail you can just read the text transcription rather than having to listen to the audio file. Contact your account manager for more information.

Audio Conferencing: ($varies/month)

If you need to set up audio conferencing then contact your Account Manager for pricing.

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