Call Recording

Our system offers a lot of flexibility and allows you to record your phone calls in a variety of ways. You can choose to record all of your phone calls or even just specific extensions. An on-demand option is also available so you can only record calls that you deem to be important by simply pressing a record button on your desk phone.

In this article we will detail some of the benefits of our recording feature and also provide some legal information that you should be aware of when it comes to recording phone calls.

Call Recording Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of recording your phone calls on the Cabertel phone system:

  • Training: One of the main reasons our customers record calls is for the purpose of training staff. It can be a very useful feature to improve your employees interactions with customers.
  • Memory: Another advantage of recording phone calls is you can go back and play them to remind yourself on some aspects of the call. The on-demand option is particularly useful here. If you are on a call and a customer is discussing something that you may need assistance with afterwards, recording that section of the call can be very useful as you can play it to other team members to get their input.
  • Legal Disputes: Some customers need to record calls for legal reasons. An example of this would be an automotive shop where customers verbally approve work orders for their vehicles over the phone. If they later dispute this, you have a recording that may assist during future legal battles (this depends on the State you are in).
  • Flexibility: Our system lets you record all of your phone calls or a sub-set of your calls, such as specific extensions or even on-demand by using a feature button on your desk phone.
  • Cloud Storage: All recordings are kept on a rolling 30-day window in the cloud and backed up on geographically redundant servers.
  • Portal Access: Log in to your online portal to listen to any of your recorded calls. You can also delete or download your call recordings inside the portal.

Call Recording and the Law

Before enabling call recording make sure you are aware of any legal requirements for your State. Some States require just one-party consent for recording calls where you can record the call so long as you are present during the call. Other States require all-party consent so everyone on the call must be aware that the call is being recorded.

This can be complicated further, for example when a call involves multiple parties across different States. We recommend you do your due diligence here as the consequences can be severe.

This call recording chart details the law for all States in the U.S, but again, please obtain legal advice if you would like to record calls as States positions will likely change over time.

Next Steps

Our call recording feature is a premium add-on service and is available for a small fee each month. This covers the additional cost of server storage since call recording, especially if you have high call volumes, can utilize a lot of disk space.

Ask your dedicated account manager to turn on this feature if it is of interest to your business. If you are not a current Cabertel customer you can reach out to us using the form below.

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