VoIP Test

Run the VoIP test below to ensure your Internet service is good enough for Cabertel's VoIP phone service. The test will evaluate your Internet service's uplink and downlink speed, along with latency and jitter. These are all very important parameters to ensure high quality audio for your VoIP service.


VoIP Test Results Explained

Below you will find some guidelines on what the test results are telling you.

Ping / Latency

Pinging our servers from your computer is a good way to determine latency. In other words how far are you away from our servers. If you are local to the Seattle area this should be a small number (less than 100 milliseconds). So long as this number is less than 400ms your connection should be fine.


Jitter can be of the real downfalls for VoIP if it is too high. It is essentially measuring the stability and consistency of your Internet service with respect to variations in packet delays. We are looking for this number to be under 30 milliseconds (ms).


The download and uplink speed are less important these days as all Internet providers tend to be greater than 10 MBPS (Mega Bits Per Second) for uplink and downlink speeds. However if you are streaming videos they could take up a lot of your bandwidth and cause problems for your VoIP service. Each VoIP call uses approximately 100 KBPS (Kilo Bits Per Second) so if you have 10 concurrent calls that is utilizing 1 MBPS bandwidth and thus 10% of your Internet bandwidth if you have 10 MBPS speed. Note that this is for both directions (i.e. 10% each direction in this example).

What Next?

Tell us your scores using the form below or by emailing your account manager so we can determine if your Internet is suitable for our service.

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