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Toll free numbers can be very useful for any business that wishes to present itself as a larger entity and show a professional appearance. If you have a national presence, or would like to at least appear that way, then it can certainly help to have a number that is location independent such as a 1-800 number.

These numbers also may reduce barriers for potential customers, since they know there is no cost to them when they call your toll free number.

What does Toll Free Mean?

As the name suggests, toll free simply means there is no toll (or cost) to callers that call your phone number. All costs associated with the call are paid for by the company that owns the toll free number. This is of course an important point to make since you are likely reading this page from the perspective of wishing to buy a 1-800 type number.

It is worth some thought on how you wish to use this type of number. For example, is it for a national advertising campaign or local advertising perhaps. If your primary target market is local based, you may be better having a dedicated local phone number that people can call since it will likely be free to the caller anyway and will give you a local appearance. If your target is nationwide then a toll free number may make sense since it presents a national feel.

Toll Free Number Options

The following numbers come under the toll free umbrella and can all be purchased from Cabertel:

  • 1-800
  • 1-844
  • 1-855
  • 1-866
  • 1-877
  • 1-888

What about Vanity Numbers?

Vanity numbers are a sub-set of toll free numbers. For example, you may be looking for a number that is easy to remember for customers. This can be very beneficial if you are spending money advertising on TV or radio so potential customers can easily remember the number and call you. For example, you could try and get a vanity number such as 1-800-CAB-RTEL (oh that's nice, please don't buy that one!).

Cabertel Toll Free Rates

Below you will find our most current rates for all USA toll free numbers. You will notice that they can be purchased in specific package tiers and each tier has an overage rate associated with it should you go over your monthly allowance. For example, if you expect only a few calls on your toll free number you may opt for the 100 minute package. If you go over 100 minutes, the additional minutes will be charged at the stated overage rate. Pricing includes the phone number fee.

  • 100 mins = $3.99/month (overage : 4.8c/min)
  • 250 mins = $6.99/month (overage : 4.5c/min)
  • 500 mins = $12.99/month (overage : 4.2c/min)
  • 1000 mins = $24.99/month (overage : 3.5c/min)
  • 2000 mins = $49.99/month (overage : 3.1c/min)
  • Ask us if you need larger volume pricing

Porting Fee = $10

Activation Fee Varies (from $0 to $55 depending on the number)

Next Steps

We have tried to make sure that purchasing a toll free number is very straightforward for our customers. If you are looking to add a toll free number to an existing account simply contact your dedicated account manager and he or she will present number options.

If you are interested in becoming a customer and learning more simply reach out to us using the form below or give us a call. We will respond promptly and make the process as simple as possible.

For porting a toll free telephone number over to Cabertel there is a small porting fee for this service and a little paperwork but, as always, we will ensure the work on your side is minimal.

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