We all rely on voicemail for those times when we can't answer the phone or after business hours. Cabertel has you covered for all of your voicemail needs. All of your voicemails are digitally stored on our servers in the cloud and there is no cost for voicemails, in fact you can have as many additional voicemail boxes as you need.

Cabertel Voicemail Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using the Cabertel voicemail system:

  • Every voicemail is stored digitally as MP3 audio files on our servers and is fully backed up. No on-premise recording system or tapes are needed.
  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) button on our phones so you know when you have a voicemail. Access voicemail on our server directly from the voicemail button.
  • Access voicemails directly from your Cabertel phone or by logging into your Cabertel portal using a standard Web browser.
  • Mark your voicemails as unread in the portal as a reminder to yourself to process later.
  • Use the portal to select and delete large numbers of voicemails all at once rather than having to delete one at a time.
  • In the portal you can download all of your voicemails for record keeping purposes.
  • Record and store multiple voicemail greetings to cover different scenarios, for example out of the office, on vacation and the likes. Select the active one either via your phone or in the portal.
  • If you lose power or Internet at work your calls will still reach your voicemail (i.e. voicemail system resides on our servers not your phone).
  • Add additional voicemail boxes, as needed, for no additional charge.

Voicemail Add-ons

Some additional options are available for voicemail that most of our customers take advantage of.

Voicemail to Email (no charge)

Nearly all of our customers use our voicemail to email feature. All of your voicemails can be configured to send voicemails to one or more email addresses. You can choose whether to attach the digital MP3 audio file or not. Most customers choose to attach the MP3 file so they can listen to the message no matter where they are, for example using the email tool on their cell phone when they are away from the office. Some customers choose not to attach the MP3 file for privacy reasons, but still want the voicemail notification via email.

For generic voicemail boxes, such as a catch all sales voicemail box, some businesses choose to use a generic email address for this function that can then be forwarded to multiple email addresses so an entire department has access to the voicemail.

Speech to Text Transcription (small fee per month)

Speech to text transcription extends voicemail functionality even further. Voicemails are transcribed to text and included in the body of the email that is sent to you whenever you receive a voicemail. Some customers really like this feature as it means they can read your voicemails instead of listening to them which can be be very useful when in meetings and the likes.

Due to the complexity of this technology and associated licensing fees, there is a small fee per month for the speech to text transcription feature.

Accessing Voicemails

You can access your voicemail three different ways:

1) Cabertel Portal

Your dedicated account manager will provide the Web address and credentials for your portal (sometimes referred to as a dashboard). You can access this from your favorite Web browser. Once logged in, the dashboard will show old and new voicemails that you can listen to, download and delete if necessary.

2) Using your Phone

If you are using IP phones you can access your voicemails and your voicemail greetings directly from the phone, by pressing the voicemail button (normally has an envelope icon on the button) or by dialing *97. Your account manager will have given you a PIN code for voicemail access, which you enter when requested. At that point you can listen to voicemails, save them for later, delete or go to the advanced menu and record voicemail greetings. You can also select which greeting to use. This can be useful for vacations and the likes since you can record a standard greeting and an out of office greeting just once and then simply select which is currently active.

3) Email

Give your account manager an email address to use for voicemail to email. Now you can receive all of your voicemails as an attachment in an email. You cannot delete voicemails using this option but it is very convenient for listening to voicemail messages when on the road.

Voicemail Greeting Tips

Here are a few tips when it comes to voicemail greetings:

  • Always record a greeting. It is more personal than just using the default greeting.
  • State your name and/or business so callers know they are leaving a voicemail at the right place.
  • Keep the greeting short and try to make it upbeat. Remember this could be a potential customer.
  • For holidays, record a new greeting to keep them fresh so callers know you regularly check your voicemails.
  • Want to go the extra mile? Get a professional greeting recorded for you. Websites such as fiverr are a very inexpensive way to get professional greetings.
  • Test the greeting by calling in and listening to it.

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