Call Blocking

Call blocking, also referred to as call block, call screening, or call rejection, is a feature that will block incoming calls from specified phone numbers. This guide will discuss the call blocking feature, including reasons to use it and how to use it with Cabertel phone services.

Why Use The Call Block Feature

There is really only one reason why you would want to block calls from a specific phone number, and that is because you do not want to receive calls from that number! Most businesses will not want to change their phone number just to stop annoying phone calls. Here are various scenarios why you might want to utlize the call block feature:

  • You may be receiving solicitation calls or robocalls from a specific number. The call block feature is a good way to put a stop to these if they are always from the same number.
  • You may have just started your business and got a new phone number. You never know if this new number was associated with another business that gets calls from a creditor etc. looking for a contact.
  • You may have a disgruntled ex-employee or ex-customer that keeps calling you. Call blocking may be the only way to stop them.

When Not To Use The Call Block Feature

Even though the call block feature can be used to stop unwanted phone calls from specific numbers it is not really a viable solution against robocalls in general. If you are getting a lot of robocalls from varying phone numbers then we recommend considering our auto-attendant feature. Most robocalls come from auto-dialers which in general do not have voice recognition and therefore the intelligence to select an option from a menu. Our auto-attendant feature can reduce robocalls to almost zero.

In 2021, Cabertel along with all service providers implemented a new requirement to fight against robocalls and spam calls. This new requirement is called STIR/SHAKEN and basically defines methods for providing authentication for phone calls. This will help detect calls which are spam related and block them before they even reach you.

How To Set Up Call Blocking

The call block feature is available inside our secure online portal. If you do not have a login then contact your account manager to get one set up.

Here are the instructions for blocking a phone number that recently called your business number:

  1. Navigate to our secure online portal on a web browser of your choice and login.
  2. Navigate to Applications -> Call Block.
  3. Click on the "ADD" button, select a number from the recent calls list, then press the "SAVE" button.

The phone number you wish to block will show up in the call block list.

How Do I Unblock A Number

If you decide you want to unblock a phone number that you have previously blocked you can select it from the list and then press the "DELETE" button. It will then be removed from the blocking list.

Final Thoughts

The call block feature can be very useful. You can select phone numbers to block inside our online portal and you can also unblock numbers you have previously blocked if you change your mind later.

We always recommend being careful with this feature and only block numbers that you are sure you want to block. You do not want to block potential customers or clients from contacting you in the future. As always if you have any questions please contact us or your account manager directly.

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