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EDITOR UPDATE FEB 2020: Counterpath's Bria Mobile App is now in Legacy Mode, though still available in the App stores. They have moved to a cloud provisioning App called Bria Solo. For more details visit our Bria Solo App guide.

The Bria Mobile App is the SIP App chosen by Cabertel for mobility so customers can take their business phone system with them when they leave the office. This SIP client has been thoroughly tested on our PBX servers to ensure full compliance with our feature set.

What is Bria Mobile?

Bria Mobile is an award winning SIP App designed and supported by Counterpath in Vancouver, Canada. It runs on iPhone and Android devices, including tablets, and a softphone is also available for Windows and MACs. Cabertel has passed all third party compliance tests with Counterpath and is a registered partner. The benefit of being a registered partner is that configuration is very straightforward since all our customers need to do is simply select Cabertel as your preferred provider and the Bria Mobile App is pre-configured with our settings to ensure optimal service.

Why use it?

The main benefit with the Bria phone App is the ability to receive calls when you are away from your desk. Never again will you miss an important call from a customer. Another reason customers love this App is for outgoing caller ID. When you make a call from your personal cell phone it shows your personal caller ID. However when you call from the Bria Mobile App all outbound calls will show your business caller ID rather than your personal number so it protects your personal number and enables you to make business calls from anywhere and at any time.

The Bria App now supports Push service and actually it is enabled by default since it saves battery life and reduce the chances of missed calls. Follow the Push instructions below to ensure optimal settings.

How much does it Cost?

Bria Mobile is a subscription service so is free to download but costs $0.99/month or $9.99/year. A free 7-day trial is supported so you can test the App before committing to the subscription. Note that this is paid directly to Counterpath via iTunes or the Google Play store. Cabertel does not receive any money from your subscription.

Bria Download

To download the Bria phone App simply select and install it from your App store, as shown below.

Bria iPhone App

The Bria App for all iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads can be found in the iTunes App store.

Bria App Android

For Android smartphones and tablets, the Bria App can be found in the Google Play store.

Bria Setup

The Bria Setup is very straightforward. After installing the App, simply follow the steps below to complete your setup.

  • Add a Bria Account and Select Cabertel

Open the App and click on Accounts, then + or add (top right of screen). Select Cabertel as the provider, as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Add a Bria Account (select Cabertel)

  • Enter your Cabertel Credentials for this Extension

In the fields shown in Figure 2 below the account name and display name can be left as they are (i.e. defaults) or enter your own information.

For the Username, Password and Domain name enter the credentials given to you from your Cabertel account manager. If you do not have this information, contact your account manager or use the form below.

For iOS devices click on Save. For Android devices slide the enable switch to the right of your account name to Enable the account.

Figure 2: Enter Cabertel Credentials

  • Register Extension with Cabertel

Your App should connect to your Cabertel service, so long as you have an Internet connection via cell coverage or Wi-Fi, and an account setup with Cabertel. Once connected, you will see a round green icon with a phone handset and two arrows (as shown in Figure 3 below, Android on left and iOS on right side).

Figure 3: Register Extension with Cabertel

Recommended Additional Steps

To ensure optimal service there are a few settings in the Bria Mobile App we recommend you adjust.

Auto Start

Auto Start ensures that when a phone or tablet is turned off and then back on again the Bria Mobile App will start automatically.

Auto Start for Android

Enable the Auto start on boot option for Android Smartphones as follows:

  • Navigate to the Settings page by clicking on the gear wheel bottom right.
  • Click on the Preferences menu.
  • Click on the check box next to Auto start on boot

Auto Start for iOS

There is no such setting for the iOS version. If you are using Push notifications (which is recommended - see next section), this is all taken care of for you.

PUSH Notifications

The Bria Mobile App supports Push notifications by default. Recent iOS and Android updates have made it very difficult for SIP apps such as Bria to remain active in the background and receive incoming phone calls. Bria used techniques to keep it running but the downside was there were still corner cases and battery life was affected significantly. Using a Push server allows the Bria App to be woken up on a need-be basis. It actually acts in a similar manner to the way Facebook notifications are pushed to your phone. If you have older Bria settings we recommend enabling PUSH as it is really good both in terms of reliability for incoming calls and battery life. Ensure your settings match the following sections.

Configure Bria Push for iOS Devices

To properly configure Bria Push notifications for iOS devices, perform the following steps:

  • Disable your Cabertel account (see Figure 4). i.e. switch Enabled to left so not orange.
  • Use Push Notifications, as shown in Figure 4. When you turn it on, a pop-up may appear asking for your permission to turn PUSH ON. Select YES.
  • Set Single Device Emulation for the registration mode.
  • Make sure NAT Emulation is disabled.
  • Enable your Cabertel account as shown in Figure 4 and you are now using Push service.

Figure 4: Configure Push Service (iOS)

Configure Bria Push for Android Devices

To properly configure Bria Push notifications for Android devices, perform the following steps:

  • Disable your Cabertel account under the Accounts list (see Figure 3), i.e. slide switch to left so not green.
  • Select Use Push Notifications, by checking the box as shown in Figure 5.
  • Set the Push registration mode to Single Device Emulation (Figure 5).
  • Make sure NAT Emulation is disabled i.e. NOT checked (Figure 5).
  • Touch the check mark to save your new settings as per Figure 5.
  • Enable your Cabertel account again using the slide switch (see Figure 3). You are now using the Push service.

Figure 5: Configure Push Service (Android)

Using the Bria App

Now that you have your account setup and registered with your Cabertel service, it's time to use some of the features in the application.

Extension Dialing

Navigate to the App dialpad by clicking on the phone icon in the bottom left corner. Then simply dial the 3 or 4 digit extension of a colleague followed by the green phone button on the keypad to connect with them, regardless of whether they are in the same office or a different city.

External Dialing

Simply use the App dialpad to dial the 10-digit number you wish to call (with or without a preceding 1) within the USA or Canada, followed by the green phone button.

Putting a Call On-Hold

During an active call you can press the Hold icon on the phone (two vertical lines like a pause symbol as shown in Figure 6) to place the call on hold. When on hold the callee will hear music. Click the same icon to resume the call.

Figure 6: Bria In Call Features

Swapping Between Two Calls

With one call on hold you can initiate a second call (internal or external call) by touching the + icon and dialing the second number (see Figure 6). You can use the Swap key (green button with two opposing arrows) to switch between the two calls in progress (this icon will only show when two calls are in progress). Your App can handle up to two calls at any one time.

Merging (Conference) and Splitting Two Calls

With two calls in progress (as per above) touch on the Merge key (two lines into one icon) and this merges the two calls in progress into a 3 way call with your App. Touch the Split key (one line splitting into two lines icon) to split the 3 way call back into two separate calls. Note that you can use the Hold key to put the 3 way call into hold. Resume the 3 way call using the same key.

Transferring a Call (Blind Transfer)

During an active call you can use the More icon (three periods in a row as shown in Figure 6) to access the Transfer option. Tap on Transfer and the dialer pad will appear. Dial the number you want to transfer the call to and press the green Transfer key to complete the process.

Transferring a Call (Attended Transfer)

During an active call you can tap on the + key, which will put the existing call on hold and the dialer pad will appear (see Figure 6). Dial the number you want to transfer the call to. You will be able to speak to the person you are transferring to. If they want to accept the transfer you can hit the More key (three periods in a row) and then tap on Transfer to complete.

Native Calls

If you are on a native call (meaning your normal cell phone service) then any incoming calls to your App will be directed to Voicemail. The caller will also be directed to Voicemail if you have two calls in progress using your App. If you are on a call using the App you can accept/reject an incoming native call in the usual way that your phone deals with these. Answering a native call will put a current call through the App on hold.


Touch the Voicemail key on your App dialer followed by the green phone key and follow the voice prompts.

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